Progressively traditional
Developing innovative solutions for all aspects of treatment of melts
for the last 165 years

With intensive research and the development of production and plant technology, ODERMATH has established itself worldwide as important partner of steelworks, foundries and smelting works in the field of smelting technology. The high technical demands of a dynamically changing steel industry had always been and still are both stimulus and standard to ODERMATH for innovative product ideas.

ODERMATH has at an early stage already reacted to the technical, but especially also the ecological, demands of the third millennium and brought new pioneering developments to the fore.

With the unique experience of a 165-year company history and the power of innovation of an internationally established concern, today we shape the stability of the processes of the iron- and NE-metal-producing industry with our products in many fields, and, not least, contribute to a sustainable improvement of the economy.