TRIMTEC® Cored Wires for foundries
Technology and Product Line


Indispensable, economic and future-oriented
ODERMATH – the world-renowned partner of the iron and steel industry for cored and solid wire technology

ODERMATH has had a major impact on Cored Wire technology in the field of the treatment of melts by wire injection. The treatment of melts with ODERMATH TRIMTEC® Cored Wire made this technology extremely economical and environmentally friendly to a high degree. The exact adjustment of the elements to be introduced into the smelting works inside the required dispersion range can be achieved efficiently with TRIMTEC® Cored Wires.

The adding of the substances for the metallurgical treatment of your melts is facilitated via filled wires, which are injected into the melt. The wires rolled up into coils can be joined endlessly by fuse elements. The conventional weighing of additives has become redundant. The control electronics provide you with a document of the addition taking place and of the quantity.

There are almost no limits to the adjustment of the filler material in terms of your technological demands and operational conditions. The filler material can be made up in order to optimise your production processes.

Fluctuations in melt quantities, temperature and analyses can be taken into account. The ODERMATH wire injection machine TRIMMASTER® can play a crucial role by means of the optional process control „Process Optimising“ to make your processes controllable and healthy.

We play a role in complying with the quality requirements of your clients.

The Cored Wire process
Milestones of a substantial alternative

Five good reasons speak in favour of the Cored Wire process, which, in terms of sensible investment, can definitely be integrated into your production installation.


Combine desulphurisation / Mg treatment of cupola cast iron with
SA = 0.05-0.15%

  • Mg treatment of electrically molten iron with
    SA = 0.01-0.03% 
  • Combination of Mg treatment and inoculation 
  • Inoculation of the iron 
  • Alloying of the iron

Simple handling

  • Parameters are set
  • The operator simply activates the start instruction

Every treatment takes place individually determined for

  • Ladle fill quantity 
  • Treatment temperature 
  • Sulphur values of the base iron
    Integration capability 
  • The floor space of a treatment station is limited to a few square metres 
  • Minimum storage space requirement for reserve coils (Space for 1 coil approx. 1 sqm)

Capability to expand/upgrade

  • Inoculation by a second machine in the treatment ladle 
  • Automatic shutdown of the Mg and inoculation treatment via a special computer program (“Process Optimising”) that adjusts to the changing conditions

Product Line
The basis of your latest requirements

Versatility is the prerequisite for special solutions. For every application – whether in the iron foundry or in the NE metal foundry – the right answer to the difficult question: Which Cored Wire or solid wire offers the most advantageous solution in the conditions at hand?

ODERMATH does the groundwork for you. Systematically, according to the following criteria:

  1. Analysis of the melt 
  2. Treatment quantity 
  3. Temperature 
  4. Ladle geometry
  5. Operational technology 

TRIMTEC® Mg treatment wire 

  • Pure Mg wires 
  • Mixed wires 
  • Alloy wires

TRIMTEC® Alloy wire 

According to each special requirement cored and solid wires are supplied as alloys of copper, chrome, tin, zircon, magnesium and others.

TRIMTEC® Inoculation wire 

Available diameters: 9 mm and 13 mm