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TRIMMASTER® Injection Machines for steelworks
Technology and Product Line


ODERMATH wire-injection-machines are in use worldwide. Functionality, reliability and design layout as required by the market are continuously adjusted to demands. 

Our TRIMMASTER® production series 9 is sturdy and reliable. Just for this reason nearly 200 machines are in use today.

Wire injection machines

1-strand, 2-strand, 4-strand and 2S-strand injection machines of the TRIMMASTER® production series 9.

Sturdy, reliable, low maintenance

All production series 9 machines, from the 1-strand to the 4-strand
machines are fundamentally assembled from the same components:

  • Standard gear motors for frequency converter operation
  • Driving wheels consisting of a hub and a case-hardened (nitrided), toothed interchangeable part
  • Nitrided wire inlets, pneumatic thrust roller engagement in 2-strand and 4-strand machines, coil springs in 1-strand machines¬†
  • Stable square tubing frame with cover plates, lattice doors monitored by security switches, forklift pockets
  • Exclusive use of high-quality brand parts